Photos and interview by Jacob Colmenero

First stop is always the cheesiest, what is art to you?
Something to get away from the world, not fitting in, making myself feel comfortable in this world. Growing up is scary. This is me holding onto whatever childhood I have left.

How has art changed your life? 
Oh fuck, I think it's made me more accepting of other people, there's no hate for anybody in art.

How does art and skateboarding mix into your life?
They mix in my life in the way that I see everyone on the same level. They're very similar in a way. Both ways to get away from the world and feeling comfortable in this life.

How similar is the art community and the skate community?
It varies, sometimes they cross paths, sometimes they're the same thing. But most of the time they're two separate things. Good part of art and skateboarding stuff that JJ Horner is doing, he's trying to join the skate community and the art community.

So you are in school, right? What are you studying for?
I study architecture, I wanted my art to be interactive.