Josh hawkins interview

Robby Johns and Josh talk 91 WEST


R: How did the 2016 Phoenix AM park build come about?

J: I was helping Cowtown out with some remodels at their shops and they always have this guy, Ben Dixon, doing the build out but they are always short handed and it is always a rush to get the Pheonix AM done so they asked me to help Ben do that and it was still really close to the deadline to get it done.

R: Right, I'm sure it always is

J: Exactly. Ben just needed some help.

R: So you were redoing Cowtown's board walls and stuff?

J: Yeah I was redoing their reclaimed wood walls and I did- I don't know if you have been to Central but, I did their new counter top looks like a bar, their trucks are hanging from a wine rack.

R: I haven't been to central in forever, I might have to stop by there. What was it like changing Desert West Skatepark into one of the gnarliest Phoenix AM parks I have seen to date? And mind you, I've been to almost every Phoenix AM and that was the biggest double set I have ever seen in my life (laughs).

J: It was long and a lot of days were really hot but we were lucky and some of them got like pretty cloudy and got a little bit of rain on one day, but it wasn't bad. I wasn't really involved in the center build out, that was Ben. That was his project, building out the center, and we kind of built everything else around the center as he was working on the center the whole time.

R: So rumor has it that you are building a park, what is up with that?

J: Yes, myself and Mike Crawford and Lazor Crawford all have this idea to have a place where Lazor can train and we've always wanted to have a park where we can teach kids how to skate, like do lessons on the west side of town, because there is nothing out here. There is just a huge demand for it. And we want to be able to give back to the west side, I mean there really is nothing out here besides skate parks, no organizations or anything. We are also talking about teaming up with Cowtown to do some more events out here.

R: So in other words, kind of like the rainy day skate park when you really don't have anywhere else to go.

J: Or the 120 degrees (laughs)

R: Yeah! I didn't even think about the summer, we live in Arizona for crying out loud (laughs) No more 100 degree skate sessions. So what's the name and when should we expect to be able to shred?

J: 91 West is the name and we are talking about right now having it open on the 1st of June for the soft opening and having a grand opening the weekend following.

R: Congratulations on your waterboarding part, that shit was crazy.

J: Thank you.

R: How did you get the idea to film a strictly all water involved part?

J: My last few parts have maybe like a trick or two with me going through the water and it was fun every time I got to skate a water spot so I don't know, Hunter [O'shea] and myself got the idea to film a whole part in water. It was the middle of summer so it kind of made the most sense, it was never a hot or boring session the whole time.

R: That makes sense.

J: Yeah (laughs)

R: That makes perfect sense, a lot of boards ruined in the process I am sure.

J: Not too many, I actually skated the same one a lot.

R: It is just funny you would film that part because most kids, you know if any water gets on their board -

J: Oh, they are bummed.

R: Can we look forward to any new parts in the future or are you strictly working on getting your park up and running?

J: Um, right now I have been kind of not filming or shooting photos. I have been concentrating on the park, but I have some other plans, I do have a few parts that I want to put out still. And we will actually be filming mini parts in the park with pros and friends, so be on the look out for that.

R: Should we expect a 91 West YouTube channel?

J:  Yes, I am in the process of working on all of that. There will be an internet presence for-sure. I would love to have a YouTube channel and maybe a magazine affiliated in the future.