lamebrain skateboards


Interview by robby johns

“What’s your name and where are you from?”

My name is Zac McDonald and I am from Phoenix, Arizona.

“I got to ask this question, do you even scooter, bro?”

(Laughs) Like two or three times a week.

“I had to ask that question because you know, so many boards got scooter graphics on there so, I thought we would throw that in the mix there. I think you kind of already went over this with me a little but what is the inspiration behind Lamebrain Skateboards and how did it get started?”

So the inspiration is really kind of like mid to late 90’s when I grew up in skateboarding. You know when graphics were funny, a little bit controversial and not afraid to poke fun at the industry. We are influenced by brands like Consolidated [skateboards] and early World Industries before they became a family brand.


That is really the inspiration. I mean everything about the brand really draws back, lamebrain skateboards is all lowercase and I drew inspiration for that from big brother magazine. Everything in skateboarding now a days is big business, I just wanted to take it back to fun and poke a little fun at things.

“So who is currently on the team?”

So we currently have 6 guys on the team. Tommy Waggoner and David Swegen are from Phoenix and we have four guys that live out in California: Alex Jeffrey, Joe Lavatori, Alex Hancak and Melvin Gonzales.

“I’ve seen this ‘fruit booter’ deck blazing on the internet, what’s the deal with that?”


“Is there any kind of like story behind it?”

No, like I said I grew up in the 90’s and back before scooters, fruit boots (roller blades) were kind of the thing everyone hated. They were all over the park, snaking your run, they were a mockery of things. So I justwanted to bring that back as a joke, it’s been a hit for sure, people are loving it.

“So kind of the same thing scooters are doing is what roller bladers were doing back in the 90’s.”

Yep, exactly (Laughs)

“With so many heavy hitters on the team, when can we expect a video from lamebrain?”

We are actually just starting to film, we are hoping to drop a promo video early 2017.
Our plan is to attend Agenda in January and we want the video to be complete to hand out there.

“Where can people buy your product or when can we expect to see it in our local shops here?”

You can buy our product on our website, we will be in Oncore Skate and Snow up in Flagstaff in a few short weeks. I have also been talking to Trent and hopefully you will be seeing our stuff in Cowtown real soon.

“That is a major step, congratulations.”

Thank you.

“So, for all of the groms out there- and that’s an old-school term there, too. If kids are looking to get sponsored, how can theygo about doing that?”

I am old school. I probably get 50 people a day on Instagram who send me one kickflip and they want a sponsorship. I tell people “ Send me sponsor-me footy, send the link to our email, I want to see if you can skate.” I like to see two minutes of skating and I don’t wanna see all park footage. Unfortunately, park footage won’t get you sponsored, I am not trying to be rude, but companies can’t use two minutes of park footage. It is just no feasible to do for a company. So get out there kids, hit the streets, film, have fun and send us your sponsor me tapes.

“So with the industry being as sketchy as it is right now, how did you find your nitch with lamebrain?”

You know, we kind of just looked at what everyone was doing and I wanted to go the complete opposite route. I looked at it like, the whole industry is going this way, I’m going the other way. There are not a whole lot of fun companies out there. There is obviously Skate Mental and Enjoi and a few others, but we wanted to do it in an different way. Our thought was, let’s get out there and do what was done that made me love    skateboarding, and that’s what we are doing.

“So how does it feel to have 20,000 followers on Instagram?”

(Laughs) It’s crazy man, you know people will sometimes get upset because you don’t respond or comment back, but what they don’t realize is you can only see so many notifications. Once you past like 100 notifications, it starts to bury the other ones. Literally, things get buried and then like two weeks later I notice “Oh my gosh, this person commented!” Then I feel like shit I missed it. So I try my hardest to keep up with it but it’s definitely overwhelming. At times it can feel like another full time job just handling social media.

“Absolutely. So what can we expect from lamebrain in the future?”

We are just getting started, our stuff for Fall and then next Spring of next year are crazy. The graphics are only that much more insane.

“Alright, well we are excited to see what you got lined up next and hopefully you know, another year from now we can do another interview and see where you are at then.”

Sounds good, I look forward to it.